Recipes The Shopping List Generator makes working with recipes easy! You are able to add, search and share recipes.

Add Recipes

  • Use our simple and intuitive form to add your own personal recipes. Once you have added a recipe, you can then add it to the meal planner as either an entire recipe, or the number of servings you choose.
  • While you are adding a recipe nutritional information is calculated automatically (per recipe and per serving).
  • Also, as you add ingredients detailed health facts (high protein, low sodium, low cholesterol, etc) are calculated and displayed automatically.
  • You can also choose to make your recipes public for all users to see. Watch a video about it here!

Search Recipes

  • Looking for new recipes to add to your diet? You can search all public recipes, as well as those that other users have chosen to share with you.
  • You can search simply by name, use our advanced search to include/exclude ingredients or search based on specific health facts. When you find a recipe you like you can add it directly to your favourites for easy access from the meal planner page. Watch the Edit/Search recipes video now!

Edit Recipes

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