Meal Plans The Shopping List Generator meal planning system takes the guess work out of creating a meal plan. You can plan and track your daily meals and calories with our handy calendar function. You can then generate a shopping list out of one or more meal plans!

Meal Planner/Tracker

  • The meal planner/tracker is the central page of the website. Using the calendar function you can plan out your meals for any number of days.
  • You can add individual food items or complete recipes to the meal planner. The calories and macronutrient breakdowns are calculated for you automatically!
  • You can also see how close you are getting to your daily nutrition goals. (You can set up your daily goals in the Calorie Calculator)
  • For convenience you can also save a group of foods as a meal for super easy re-entry later. Our unique drag-and-drop functionality makes it fast and simple to add foods to the meal planner. There are many more features such as recently added items and favourites lists. Watch the complete demo!

Manage Meal Plans

  • On this page you can create meal plans by selecting a date range, entering a name, and selecting any optional tags you would like (eg. Diabetic or Gluten-Free) All meals from days within that date range become part of that meal plan and the calories per day are automatically calculated for you!
  • One of the most powerful features, copying meal plans, is available on this page. You are able to insert entire meal plans into your meal planner with one click! You can insert your own previous meal plans or even those that are shared with you! This is a great feature for personal trainers/nutritionists to use for their clients. View the manage meal plans demo.

Search Meal Plans

  • Perfect for people who aren't sure what types of food they should be eating while dieting!
  • Search for meal plans that users have created based on name, calories, and the length of the mealplan!
  • Advanced meal plan search allows you to find meal plans based on diet needs. (eg. Low Sodium, Dairy-Free, Sugar Free, High Fibre, and Much More!)
  • Add a meal plan to your favourites so you can insert it easily into your Meal Plan Tracker.

Generate Shopping List

  • Now that you have created a meal plan suited to meet your goals there is only one thing left: The Shopping List! The generate shopping list page will automatically generate a shopping/grocery list for you based on the meal plans you select.
  • You can choose one or more meal plans to generate a grocery list from. You may choose your own meal plans and/or meal plans that have been shared with you. This allows two or more people living in the same residence to each create their own meal plan, but combine them together into one shopping list.
  • The shopping list generator groups similiar items together for convenience when shopping. You are also able to "cross-off" foods from your list interactively! Now you don't have to worry about missing an ingredient among the clutter. Watch the Shopping List Generator video.
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