What is the purpose of this site?

The Shopping List Generator is designed to make your life easier. We know from experience that keeping your weight at a decent level is tough, which is why we have created this site! The main purpose of the site is to allow individuals or familys to track and create meal plans. Once a user has entered information into their meal planner they can then use our shopping list generator to take all the guess work out of shopping and preparing for next weeks menu.

Will this site help me lose weight?

Yes! If your goal is to lose weight this site will be your special weapon. Calorie counting has worked for many people who were previsouly uninformed about the amount of calories they were ingesting each day. A simple reduction in 500 calories a day can result in 1 pound of weight loss per week! Nutrition and diet is key to weight loss and our goal is to help you attain the body you deserve.

What are the major features of your site?
  • Calorie Calculator – calculates target calories based on BMR, user goals and exercise levels.
  • Recipe Search – Add or search recipes that others have used for weight loss. Recipe search is designed to help users search for recipes that fit their nutrition needs. For example, a user may search for recipes high in fibre, low in fat, low in sodium, and high in protein.
  • Meal Planner – Enter the foods, meals or recipes you will be eating for a specified time frame. Save meal plans, search meal plans and create personalized meal plans.
  • Shopping List Generator – Creates printable versions of shopping lists based on the meal plan the user has created or shared with other users.
  • Sharing – Share recipes, meals and meal plans with your friends. Useful for personal trainers who would like to create meal plans for their clients and a subsequent shopping list making dieting a breeze.
  • Health calculations – Real time calculation of health information for recipes. (eg. fibre, salt content, vegan, wheat free).

Why are you better than the meal planners out there?

The Shopping List Generator is so easy to use we guarantee you will enjoy it! The more you use the site the more we will remember about you, including meals you often eat, your favorite foods and belly busting recipes. If you require a meal plan to be created for you by a fitness expert, or any other user, all they have to do is share a created meal plan – you will now have a shopping list for yourself.

It’s extremely useful for parents on the go. Just think, once you have entered all your family’s favourite recipes, meal planning and shopping list creation with a pen and paper will be a thing of the past.

How does this benefit nutritionists and personal trainers?

With The Shopping List Generator you can create meal plans and share them with your clients. Once the client has accepted your share request they can populate meal plans into their meal planner or generate a shopping list! This gives clients the drive to actually follow through with the meal plan as the guess work has been eliminated from creating a shopping list for their specified plan.

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