Our Mission
  • The Shopping List Generator is a fully featured website that allows you, your friends and your family to plan, track and share everything about nutrition in your life.
It's a Calorie Counter!
  • The Shopping List Generator allows you to track calories for all of the food you eat. Our intuitive "drag and drop" system makes it a breeze to enter foods, and we calculate all the nutrition info for you!
  • We have a large database of foods to use, but even if you can't find a food, you can enter it in yourself!Eat the same meals often? No problem, you can save entire meals for easy entry later.
  • The Shopping List Generator also keeps a list of your recently added foods and allows you to save foods or recipes to your list of favourites! Watch it in action!
It works with Recipes too!
  • The Shopping List Generator allows you to add your favourite recipes and track those too. Recipes you add can be shared with the public or kept private between you and your friends.
  • You can also add recipes to your meal planner/calorie tracker! And thats not all, recipes other users have shared with the public can be added to your meal planner as well.
  • Have you ever wondered how healthy your homemade recipes are? When adding a recipe on The Shopping List Generator, not only are the calories calculated automatically, but so are various health facts(low sodium, low fat, cholestrol free, etc). Have a look at the video preview!
It's not just a Tracker, its a Planner!
  • Hey, tracking calories is great. But wouldn't it be even easier if you could plan out your meals to make sure you meet your goals? The Shopping List Generator allows you to plan out as many days as you want, then conveniently save them as meal plans.
  • Don't you hate having to re-enter foods in a planner on a week by week basis? You can easily create meal plans for yourself and others to enjoy - if you so choose!
  • Search meal plans to help create your own personalized meal plan or follow a pre-made meal plan. You can search meal plans on calorie ranges, number of days or many other options such as gluten-free and dairy-free!
It Generates your Shopping List!
  • So you have your meal plan all set up. Next step is to hit the grocery store to stock up for all of your favourite foods and recipes you have entered. The Shopping List Generator will automatically generate your shopping list for you. Not only that, but it will group similiar types of foods together to make for easy shopping. Check out a demo!
Share with Others!
  • The most unique and powerful feature of The Shopping List Generator is the ability to share your recipes, meals and mealplans with others.
  • Do you and your partner eat dinner together every night? Well then why enter it twice! One person can enter the meal, save it and share it and all the other person has to do is add it to their meal planner.
  • Maybe you have recipes you would like to share with only family and friends. This feature makes that possible as well.
  • Perhaps two people live together and go shopping together, but what if they have different meal plans? No problem, you are able to generate ONE shopping list for multiple meal plans, even ones that people have shared with you. Watch it here!
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