Foods The Shopping List Generator has an extensive database with thousands and thousands of foods. However, if you can't find the food you are looking for to add to a recipe or your meal planner, you can add it yourself!

Add Foods

  • If you would like to add your own custom food, you can do so from the Add Food Page. This page is also available as a pop-up from the meal planner page and the add recipe page for quick and easy access.
  • When adding a food, the best approach is to have the nutritional label from that food handy. You can copy all of the information quickly and easily into our form which is a replica of the nutritional information label found on the back of food packaging.
  • Our smart form checks the data entered to ensure our database contains accurate entries. If you do not have the detailed nutritional information on hand, you can still add a food without it being validated. You should use this as a last resort, so our user community and database can grow and flourish together.

Edit Foods

  • Did you make a mistake entering a food? Did you enter a food without complete nutritional information and would like to update it? No problem. The edit food page provides a convenient way to retrieve your custom foods and edit them as you wish. Watch the Add/Edit Foods video now!
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